Rapid Software Testing (RST) with James Bach


James-bach Rapid Testing is a way of thinking. It is a set of testing skills focused on how to test:
faster, cheaper, with better results. It is a general testing methodology, which can be adapted to any kind of project.

“Based on the principles in the book Lessons Learned in Software Testing: a Context-Driven Approach, this class presents an approach to testing that begins with personal skill development and extends to the ultimate mission of software testing: lighting the way of the project by evaluating the product.”

James Bach


In this training, you will learn:

  • Concise, universal heuristics and models for instant test design;
  • How to tackle any product or product idea instantly;
  • How to analyze a test heuristic or practice;
  • How to test despite ambiguous or missing specifications;
  • How to deal with overwhelming complexity or confusion;
  • How to know when to stop or suspend the test process;
  • How to prepare and deliver an impromptu test report.

Why is this training for you?

  • You need to test faster;
  • You want to test cheaper and with better results;
  • You want to a learn effective testing method that can be used with any software development method;
  • You have enough of “super tools” and “silver bullets”, and want to learn how to think like the best testers;
  • You miss arguments in discussion with managers;
  • You are testing now on Agile project and see that “handbook methods” do not work;
  • You have to quickly verify what does outsourced team or vendor deliver;
  • You are not a tester, but you want to learn how to validate software quality quickly.


Who is the ideal student?

The ideal student is anyone who feels driven to be an excellent software tester or software test manager. The class is useful to all levels of tester, but seems to be most appreciated by experienced testers who want to become expert testers. The class works well when strong-minded and skeptical students attend the class. They challenge the instructor and make the class better, just like testers should. We try to make the class the most stimulating intellectual experience you can handle.


Language: English

Trainer: James Bach (Satisfice)
Duration: 3 days
Location: codecentric Breda
Investment: 1695,- euro p.p. (excl BTW, incl lunch and material)


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Quotes from students

“Michael Bolton gives a scientific approach to testing. Encouraging everybody to give opinions, new point of views and stimulating team discussions. A “must” in the trainings for testers!”

Massimo D’Antonio

“Thanks for the many eye-openers and insights when it comes to ” standards” in software testing. A really fun and productive workshop!”

Daniel Chopra

“Although sometimes a bit provocative, Michael Bolton makes you rethinking your personal approach towards software testing.”

Wout Bisschop

“This course is pure enlightenment!”

Niels de Vos

“This course is most likely the best way to learn testing that exists today!”

Keith McFall

“RST really opens your mind and makes you feel you have the ability to become a great tester!”

Dionne Doenen

“This course is a must have for every tester with an open mind.”

Eric Roeland

“Deze training is als een hap frisse lucht na jaren in een muf TMap hok.”

Robert Laurens

“Deze cursus laat je opnieuw tegen het vak testen aankijken. Voor mij als ervaren tester was deze cursus verfrissend en leerzaam.”

Rico van Houten

“Inspiring in any way. Broading and releasing the view on RST. Examples are eye openers.”


“This is a must see for all testers.”


“A very inspiring class towards a practical mind set on software testing.”